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You are invited to use this express accommodation feature to inform your course instructors of your established accommodation eligibility.  Please do not use the express accommodation process to request additions or changes to your established accommodation eligibility.  This process is intended for students who are seeking to utilize previously established accommodations, and requests for accommodation modifications submitted through this module will not be received by the Disability Services team.  If you wish to request changes to your accommodations, please call 413-545-0892 and request an appointment with a Consumer Manager.    


Instructions for using this express accommodation feature follow:


1.       Click or select the "Accommodations" tab in the above menu. 

2.       Verify that the current academic semester appears in the "Show term" drop-down menu, and that the courses displayed are accurate.  

3.       Click or select one of the "Request" buttons/links in the table of your courses.   

4.       Make sure that *all* your available accommodations are checked.

5.       Ensure that the check box is filled for any course in which you wish to receive accommodations (i.e., you *can* choose which instructors receive notice of your accommodation eligibility).    

6.       Select to radio button for "My accommodation(s) are correct the way they are."

7.       Please do not type anything in the "Optional note" field. 

8.       Read the terms associated with using the express accommodation feature.

9.       Check the box indicating you "agree to the terms outlined above."

10.   Click "Submit"


If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 413-545-0892.


(Last updated January 17, 2020)