The Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) will not be proctoring exams in-person until further notice.  Remote learning on campus means that exams will also be completed remotely.  


1.    Check in with each professor to verify they received your accommodation notification and discuss how your course-specific needs will be implemented. 

2.    Instructors are able to adjust remote exam time limits to reflect extended time accommodation for you.

3.    Ask if your remote exams are proctored or not. Students registered with Disability Services should not be held to a higher security standard than non-DS students and should only receive a proctored exam if all students are receiving a proctored exam in the course.

4.    Communicate regularly with your instructors; make sure you are checking email, Moodle, Blackboard and/or other course communication platforms regularly.  Familiarize yourself with Zoom.

5.    Set up a low-distraction workspace for yourself.  This is an important accommodation measure that only you can put in place as we work remotely.

In most cases your instructors should be able to administer the required exam accommodations listed in your notification letters.  Moodle and Blackboard have features that allow instructors to program in your additional time for hosted exams and quizzes, and instructors can work with you to implement any other necessary measures.  If an exception is needed and you need an exam proctored remotely via our exam proctoring center (EPC), you and your instructor must contact the EPC at least 7 days in advance of the exam date.