You can use this website to book appointments with Access Coordinators at Disability Services. We serve the campuses of UMass Amherst, Springfield & Mt. Ida. 


Please note, at the beginning of the semester there is a high demand for appointments. You may have to check the availability calendar 2-4 weeks out to find an available appointment. If you already have some accommodations in place, you are encouraged to reach out to your assigned Access Coordinator by email first with your questions and concerns.


If you have not yet registered with Disability Services, please click here to do so first.  


There are several different types of appointment purposes. 

·        Choose Welcome Meeting (1st Appt) if you are newly registered and/or meeting with an Access Coordinator for the first time. You can expect the meeting to take 15-30 minutes of your time; the hour-long session gives the Access Coordinator time to work on next steps.

·        Choose Check-In Appointment if you already have one or more accommodations in place, but are looking to speak with an Access Coordinator about additional accommodations, to be connected to other resources, or to discuss a specific issue you’re facing. Appointments are booked for one hour to give you plenty of time.  

·        Choose Accommodation Review Appointment when you have been invited by your Access Coordinator to review and set up your newly approved accommodations. You can expect the appointment to take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how many accommodations are approved, and what questions you may have.


There are also several different types of appointment formats. 

·        You can meet In-Person in 161 Whitmore 

·        You can meet via Phone, and the Access Coordinator will call you at the phone number you have in SPIRE 

·        You can meet via Zoom, for which a link will be provided before the meeting, found under the “My Schedule (Exams, Appointments etc.)” tab in Clockwork. 


To browse the schedule for existing availabilities, click on “Schedule an appointment” in the black bar above. Then: 


1.     Use the drop-down menu next to “Show availability for:” to select the appointment type 

1.     First identify the appointment purpose (Welcome Meeting, Check-In, or Accommodation Review)  

2.     Then choose the appointment based on format (In Person, Phone, or Zoom) 

2.     Use the left and right arrows at the top left of the calendar to browse the schedule. Note that availabilities will appear as boxes on the calendar. 

1.     If you have an assigned Access Coordinator, please try to meet with the same person, if possible 

3.     Click on an availability slot you choose to schedule an appointment, then select "Confirm". 

1.     Each appointment is scheduled for one hour, although your actual meeting time may not last that long. 

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment to your UMass email address. You may need to check your Spam folder.