Welcome!  This module is for students who are eligible to receive notes as an accommodation for their disability.

Before we can assist you, we ask that you make sure you have already used the Express Accommodations module to approve your accommodations by sending notice of your eligibility to your instructors. Once that is confirmed, please use this module to indicate whether or not you need notes in your individual courses. To do this, follow the "Course/Notes" link in the black menu bar near the top of the page. This will take you to a page with a list of your courses. To inform us of your need for notes in particular courses, change the status of your need from "No" to "Yes" This will prompt our Note Taking Coordinator to assign you a GLEAN license so you can utilize the app to obtain notes, transcription of the class and to highlight all relevant data and assignments. You'll also be provided a brief tutorial on how to use GLEAN as well as an FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions" information page.

One GLEAN license can be used in all classes, but DS will still need to know in which classes.

If you have any issues with GLEAN, please notify us in detail of the issue at notes@umass.edu.